ABOUT US Stamperia di Lipomo

Quality first

Stamperia di Lipomo SPA is an historic textile company based in Lipomo, very close to Como,

in the heart of one of the most important areas producing silk in Italy for ages.

The family company has been working for more than 60 years in the textile industry and it is mainly focused

on texile printing and finishing.

Inside the company

We address our products to the following market areas:

Abbigliamento maschile, menswear

Abbigliamento bambino, kidswear

Accessori moda,

bags, scarves, ties



Abbigliamento femminile,









interior design


Our proficiencies range from fast to high fashion, from womenswear to kisdswear,

from sportswear to technical and accessories,

and this makes us proud to offer the best solution for any kind of request.

Converters and shops in fact rely on SdL for the best economic solution,

quality and safety for the final product.

Due to our mid-dimension structure and in order to keep our production at a top level

we do not address to private or shops directly.


We work with any kind of fibre

Every processing technique gets the ennoblement of natural, synthetic, artificial and mixed fibre.

In order to get and offer the best quality for each kind of technique we employ vertical, complete and controlled cycles using handmade, traditional and digital print systems.


Among the three it is doubtless the most ancient. Together with the use of modern machinery it actually guarantees the best results on fabrics so that the final product shows a unique craftsmanship thanks to the brightness of the colours, its printing definition, its variety of shades and also with a touch of reinflate effects, metallic colours and lacquers.

What made Como famous all around the world is the use of such ancient techniques which have been coveyed throughout the ages.


The use of both the machine by hand and the ten-colour rotary machine converts the handmade product into an industrial one by preserving its essence and guaranteeing a great productivity at the same time.


Last but not least, digital print is the most recent one: fantasy is the unique limit of ink jet.

Thanks to a close and dedicated team of people digital drawings are developped and it is possible to print them for a huge number of articles getting unexpected results.

We have been studying dedicated cycles for innovative fabrics and markets, together with the chance to print exact combinations of colours even much time later.


Reliability of our products is possible by checking carefully both all the pre-treatments

of printing preparation and all the post-treatments on fixing, washing and finishing processes.

We can guarantee and offer strong and efficient cycles of production

only by continuous research and ddication to our products and materials.



Modern machinery let the colours to be fixed on any type of fibre and this guarantees a continuous production and a prompt delivery.


Depending on the fibre we need to wash we can choose the best one among the “in largo” or the “in corda” washings, so to treat even the more delicate fabrics carefully and obtain the best outcomes on products each time.


Two rameuse and one energye end the production cycle and give the fabrics the touch, the desired look and the strenght of the eco-sustainability required from the most recent regulations.


Giannino Brenna had the idea to start a manual company, so he set up the SdL on the 3rd July 1960: shortly after the printing process became the actual strong tradition which has been maintained until today.

The economic prosperity during that period gave a sudden growth to the company in the 1970s-1980s.

In the 1990s Giannino entrusted the management of the company to his three sons: Gianluca, Matteo and Marco. And since the beginning of the new millennium the SdL has enhanced its digital department turning it into the main and most productive unit in the SdL in few years.


An eco-friendly company

In the past few years SdL has been taking care about production in respect of the environment.

For more than ten years the company has been strictly focused on consumption and its reduction is due to the ongoing use of both efficient machinery and renewable energy.

Our 425 KW/h photovoltaic system gives the company enough energy to work self-sufficiently during some time and it is also able to cover one third (1/3) of the consumption of one year time. This avoids the SdL to inlet about 170 tons of CO2 in the atmosphere.



Sustainability for us also means: the use of the right and as much less toxic commodities as possible and the removal of the chemical substances.

Our focus on continuously safer and reliable products let the SdL print in such an eco-friendly way so to be able to comply with the law.

SdL certification is called Seri.co, a trademark assuring all requirements related to quality and safety of both the fabric and the production process.


Moreover Seri.co includes some important basics of the ISO 9000 - ISO 14000 - SA 8000 certifications and definitely it aims at a distinguished, quaified and controlled product.



Top Secret

Printing is our pride and thanks to a dedicated and constantly on top pf  the latest trends team we are even able to offer a real collection of printed fabrics every year. Our brand is called “Top Secret”.

Welcome MonnaLisa

The first industrial printer

for digital textile printing.

Stamperia di Lipomo SpA

Via Provinciale, 219 - 22030 Lipomo (Como)


Tel. +39 031.5591 - Fax +39 031.559226


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